Artists Against The Bomb

Pedro Reyes
Artists Against the Bomb is a poster campaign calling for universal nuclear disarmament. This group of posters comprises historical and newly commissioned pieces that range across different fields: graphic arts, film, photography, sculpture, music, poetry and fiction, as well as agitprop and records of activism. Sometimes these categories blur together, but they always have one thing in common: a sense of urgency that we as a species cannot wait for solutions to come from those at the top and that only public outrage and the spirit of protest will generate the critical mass necessary to produce change.

Artists Against the Bomb is designed for maximum agility and economic effectiveness, relying on a black and white palette both for its impact and ease of reproduction. We asked artists to ensure their works can exist on a variety of supports, ephemera such as posters, postcards, billboards, banners, flags, t-shirts and social media posts, as we aspire to achieve the widest possible circulation of this message.

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    Código de barras: 9786072949942
    Autor: Pedro Reyes

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